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A suite of extensions for Salt

SpiroFS and spiro-deploy

SpiroFS is a fileserver backend for Salt focusing on deployment and saltenv management. It allows automated systems to push deployment bundles to Salt without giving them undue permissions. It is dynamic and does not require on-going reconfiguration as your technology stack grows and changes.

Current status: Beta


spiro-network is a collection of network-related utilities, currently including:

  • Discovering a minion's IP address
  • Setting a minion's hostname

Current status: Beta


SpiroIPAM is a small system to automatically assign IPs and subnets to minions via salt pillars. Useful for staticly assigning IPs for VPNs and servers.

Current status: Early Development


SpiroAPI is a new RPC protocol for salt based on SSH and built to be asyncronous first.

Current status: Alpha


All of SpiroStack is and always will be available for free under the terms of the Affero General Public License v3.

Commercial support and licensing is available through Lumami Software.